Enjoy delicious, award-winning wines in an unbeatable setting

Pomeroy Cellars welcomes seasoned wine connoisseurs and curious toe-dippers alike.

Set in the Lucia Valley on the historic Pomeroy Farm (est. 1910), we offer a uniquely serene and beautiful setting to enjoy our award-winning wines.

Illustration of Wine Bottle and Glass Representing Award Winning Wines at Pomeroy Cellars

Award-Winning Wine

Illustration of Sun Setting Over the Woods representing the Superior Quality of Pomeroy Cellars Wines

Superior Natural Beauty/Setting

Illustration of Wooden Barrell representing a Historical Community of Pomeroy Cellars

Historical, Community Engagement Events


You’ll feel better because you came here.

We strive to showcase both the grape varietal and vineyard characteristics in each of our wines.

Sourcing our handpicked fruit from sustainably managed vineyards, we produce less than 1,500 cases of wine per year. Our fermentation is done in small batches to ensure the best flavor extraction. Our hope is to highlight the profoundly unique characteristics of Washington State vineyards in wines that are drinkable today and age worthy for the future.

Man Cutting a Pair of Burgundy Grapes with a Scissor at Pomeroy Cellars
Illustration of Grapes representing Harvest at Pomeroy Cellars


Illustration of Grape Crushing Machine representing Crushing at Pomeroy Cellars


Illustration of Barrels representing Fermentation at Pomeroy Cellars


Illustration of Barrel representing Barrel Age at Pomeroy Cellars

Barrel age